Japan 2009

13. Common moorhen. One, Kama-gawa River.

14. Grey plover. Two, Nankou.

15. LONG-BILLED PLOVER. One, Kama-gawa River.

16. Little ringed plover. Two, Nankou.

17. Whimbrel. One, Nankou.

18. Spotted redshank. One, Nankou.

19. Common redshank. Two, Nankou.

20. Common greenshank. ca. 20, Nankou.

21. Wood sandpiper. One, Nankou.

22. GREY-TAILED TATLER. One, Nankou.

23. Common sandpiper. Several Kama-gawa River.Two Nankou.

24. RED-NECKED STINT. 60+, Nankou.

25. Dunlin. One, Nankou.

26. BLACK-TAILIED GULL. A bird I saw at Beijing Zoo previously may not have been wild. Fairly common offshore at Nankou.

27. VEGA GULL. A bird I saw at Beijing Zoo previously may not have been wild. Several offshore at Nankou.

28. Rock dove/feral pigeon. Common.


Oriental turtle dove

30. BROWN HAWK OWL. Ninox (scutulata) japonica. Two seen and at least 3 heard in the Imperial Palace Gardens, Kyoto.

31. Common kingfisher. Kama-gawa River, Kyoto.

32. JAPANESE PYGMY WOODPECKER. Seen relatively frequently around Kyoto, especially in the Imperial Palace Gardens.

Japanese pygmy woodpecker

33. JAPANESE PARADISE FLYCATCHER. One juvenile male, Kyoto Botanic Gardens in a party of migrant flycatchers and warblers.

34. Carrion crow. Corvus (corone) orientalis. Widespread and common.

carrion crow

35. Large-billed crow. Widespread and common.

large-billed crow

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